Thrill Seekers

junkie for adrenalineThere are some people who are born to gravitate toward caution and a steady pace. And then there are those who are born to seek thrills. Thrill seekers are a very unique type of person. They are the kind who take on hobbies and personal interests that the rest of us struggle to comprehend, such as sky diving, tight rope walking and mountain face climbing. This type of person feels most alive when they are pushing the boundaries of their bravery and safety. They like to live on the edge and challenge themselves to stare their mortality in the face.

Thrill seekers are also known as adrenaline junkies. The activities they engage in range in difficulty and safety, but they are always high adrenaline. To most people, these activities would be stressful and overstimulating, but to thrill seekers, they are their life blood. This behavior begins for them when they are just children. As they begin to experiment with daredevil acts and earn gasps and praise from their peers, daring acts become rewarding to them and begin to factor into their sense of identity. As they age, their hunger for adrenaline ages as well and grows stronger. They desire to continuously out-do themselves and exceed their last thrill seeking act. Age, injury and close calls with death can deter thrill seekers over time, but some persist even through these circumstances.

If you have a thrill seeker in your life who you are struggling to understand, know that you are not alone. It is a way of life that can seem highly questionable to people who cannot relate to it, especially if the person is responsible for loved ones. However, be careful not to judge too harshly. The individual’s brain is wired to feel completed by thrill seeking. It should also be considered that there is a high percentage of thrill seekers who go through life uninjured who remain strong, healthy and active into their late lives.